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A test with postimage

1/48 Bell OH-13S    Italeri + brass rod fuselage :







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Nice work! :thumbsup:


Is it silver soldered? Did you use a flame or resistance soldering?


I gotta believe that engine is solid metal or that fuselage has some serious weight in it! :woot.gif:

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Hello DNL42,
Thank you for your kind words.
I used tin solder with a resistance soldering iron




No need to add weight. In fact, the tail boom is very light and surprisingly rigid. The naked structure sits on the tail but as soon as the engine is in place the balance is correct and when the cabin is in place the model rests firmly on its landing gear and there are still many parts to be added in front of the center of gravity. so no problem




It was a long way to reach an acceptable result with a lot of garbage and disaster




 but once you take the trick the job is pleasant and the structure is so much finer than the kit parts :






I had so much fun soldering I've also started an OH-13S and an H-13E in Braille scale 1/72 :




Happy modeling!




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