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Decal and book blow out sale

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Hi Guys, after market and decals at bottom, stevezaj@msn.com
Cont'l USA only, shipping is extra.
Blackbox: 1/48 A-6E $15
Blackbox: 1/48 F-16C $15
Blackbox: A-6E canopy wheel hub masks for Revell $5
Cobra Co: F-16 Aggressor set $10
Steel Beach 1/48 F-18 FOD $5 (2 available)
Steel Beach 1/48 F-16 small mouth FOD $5 (2 available)
Legend: 1/48 A-10 Aces II seat set $10
Eduard F-16 CJ 48-331 $10
Eduard P-38 J Zoom FE 154 $5
Eduard A-6E/EA-6A 48-172 $10
Eduard F-14A 72-236 $5
Eduard F18F zoom (also includes some parts from full PE set) $10
Eduard F18E Zoom $10
F-18F masks: $2
Aires F-4F cockpit $10
Eduard F-4F FOD covers 72-446  $5
Eduard EA-6B 72-151 $10
Blackbox: 1/32nd F/A-18A cockpit w tailfin conversion  $20
Cont'l USA only, $1 shipping, 3 or more free shipping, stevezaj@msn.com
Decals: $8 each, 2 for $15, 3 for $20
Superscale: F/A 18A VMFA 451 Warlords 32114
Microscale: F-18A's USN, USMC low viz 32059
CAM: F/A 18C VFA 147 Argonauts 32150
CAM: F/A 18C VFA 86 Sidewinders 32118
Superscale: F-18As VFA 25, 113, VMFA 531 48237
Superscale: F-18A's VFA 132, 303, 305 48346
Aeromaster F-18 low vis stencils
Aeromaster: F/A 18C Stinging Hornets Part IV 48397
Aeromaster: F/A 18C Stinging Hornets Part VI 48485
Superscale: EA-6Bs Marines/Navy USS Nimitz
High Decals: Marine Hornets F-18 A,C, D 48002
Top Gun :
Superscale: USN TA-4J old and rare 32054
Superscale: USN F-16N Top Guns 48766
Microscale: EA-6B's 72226
Microscale: Marine A-6s 720079
Microscale: CVW-14 AD-6, F8U, A-6, 72493
High Decals A-6E, 72-029

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