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Academy and Hasegawa MD.500s the same plastic?

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I'm thinking of trying to pick up Quick boost's OH-6A conversion. I saw (somewhere) that the Academy kit is recommended. If the Academy and Hasegawa kits are essentially the same plastic then I'll probably pick up whichever is cheaper. For some reason the Minicraft/Hasegawa releases seem to go cheaper.

I remember building both of the earlier Hasegawa releases back when they first came out and I remember them as being pretty basic kits that went together pretty well.


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They're not identical, but Academy got it's start by ripping off Hasegawa and Tamiya kits, so it should be very similar.


Plus, it's not as though the conversion has a bunch of fit-critical parts.  Even if the two kits were entirely unrelated, it wouldn't be hard to adapt the conversion to fit.

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