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Throughout the Yunagi build I have been alluding to the Andromeda which to some will be interesting in itself as it is the latest incarnation of the UNCF Flagship - essentially pushing the Yamato out of the way with its twin wave guns and more advanced technology. If I have understood it right, the Andromeda even shares some Gamillian technology after the joining up of the two previous enemies to fight off another group even more deadly than themselves - the Gatlantis

At any rate, there was a lot of buzz amongst the SBY fans when it was announced that this:




.... was coming out and if I am totally honest - I wasn't one of them. I don't particularly like the bridge section and I think it needs a better exhaust nozzle and some bigger and better fins. The rest of it is pretty cool though and I thought I could do something wit the rest of it, but so far, it hasn't quite worked out as planned. More on this later

This kit comes prepackaged with lights and even a sound board but combined, they make it more toy like than a model - in the same way Revell do their Star Wars toys "models"

 I have elected not to use the lights or sound board and make do with my own lights. I probably should use the Wave gun lights but I just can't be bothered. I'd never use it and as it is, I hardly ever display the ships I have built with the lights turned on. Only at shows do they get switched on and that is pretty rare

However, I do have some lights planned for this because my OCD kicks in every chance it can and I just can't help myself. Besides, it does add just a little extra something to a build.

I am planning on adding 3-4 ships to a display: the Andromeda, Yunagi, a Dreadnought and a medical ship. I should get myself a 1/1000 Yamato to fly alongside as well.....


I mentioned that things hadn't worked out as planned with the updated exhaust, so here's a quick look at an early failure. Because I never fully trust myself to do a proper job the first time round and I am scared I'll just completely root a valuable and core piece or equipment, I make resin copies to experiment with. At first, I had the pour points in the wrong place and I wasn't getting very good results. but with the purchase of some more silicon, I remolded the exhaust and managed (after many attempts) to make a couple of decent resin copies - and even then only 1 that was totally workable. I had made 16 individual petals as well in the design of the SBY Live Action movie and spent age measuring and drawing to get the shapes right. Last time I attempted this design, I tried to cheat and make some resin copies but that didn't work out so well and I stuck with the kit version. However, I thought I would give it another go this time but make each and every petal individually. All 16 of them. They were all uniform (mostly) and made using very thin plastic sheet which is no longer in production sadly. Good thing I bought heaps when I did. Anyway, I was pretty chuffed with myself and then after successfully creating a good solid copy I proceeded to start sticking on the petals. Well guess what? I screwed up my measurements and they didn't all fit on. This became a prime reason why I make resin copies first and foremost!!










I have put the nozzle idea aside for now and will look at it again when I get back from my up coming mini-holiday. However, you can see how cool it could look and I think I will amend the design a bit to.


Moving along now to the side thrusters. I have cut out the space in between the forward facing fins in order to facilitate a cool lighting effect I saw on a huge one built by a Japanese fellow (his one was 1 meter long!). Even though it's not technically show accurate, I just don't care and want to use this effect for myself.  A bit of cutting here and there allows the transfer of wiring into the main body. Luckily, it was easy enough to make it work due to the way Bandai engineer these kits. The pictures should be self explanatory enough but if not, please feel free to ask anything.














And a quick size comparison shot against the Yunagi:




So, that is where I am up to right now. It doesn't seem like much but I spent wayyyy to much time screwing up making the exhaust nozzle and fins. Once I get back form my trip, I will be able to invest more time into this. I also have to finish off the Yunagi but there isn't much left of that one.

As always, thanks for looking


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Thanks for the interest, good to know someone's looking other than me. Believe it or not, it's a blue LED, but the camera just isn't picking it up properly. That's because there wasn't a lot of ambient light when I took them. It'll show better in daylight shots when I get to taking them

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I got back from holidays last Sunday and I managed to spend some time on the Andromeda that night and Monday and Tuesday nights too. I got the lighting for the sub engine pod sorted out and its all done ready to go on the main body which I'll probably do this weekend. The blue effect behind the engine intake looks really good in the plastic but it's hard to capture it on film SD card

The orange of the engines look awesome if I do say so myself! I am really happy with how they came out. I punched out some discs of frosted clear plastic and put them over the ends of the nozzles which in turn have diffused the light beautifully

I have most of the SMD's added to the body but I have run out and am waiting on more to turn up in the mail before I can proceed, so in the mean time, I have turned my attention back to the main engine nozzle. I have remade the petals and this time, they look much better and should all fit. I also made another cast of the kit nozzle and will use that to create the new one. If all proceeds according to plan, I'll have something looking more like the live action version of the Yamato and it does look so much better - or at least in my opinion

Enough talking, time for the pics




I'm also looking to create a different bridge as well as I am not a fan of the current design. I have no idea what I'll do as yet, but I'll have a tinker and see what I can come up with

As always, thanks for looking

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Thanks Janne :thumbsup:


A bit more work done on the main engine. I managed to squeeze 13 3MM LEDs onto a disc 2 cm diameter which took a couple of hours, but the results are well worth it. It all fits nicely inside the clear insert and is markedly brighter than what you get in the kit supplied lighting. I'm going to paint some clear plastic with some Alclad metal to see if I can get the lights shining nicely behind it to show through. Only so it doesn't look like a clear part is all.

I also remade the plastic part that sits behind the nozzle and still have more to add to it yet.

Here's a few pics:







That's all I have for now, but as always, thanks for looking

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I had put it away whilst I waited for the SMD's to turn up (which they now have) but something else also turned up recently - the 38" Korbanth Super Star Destroyer! It has kind of over shadowed my enthusiasm for the Andromeda for the mean time plus I'm also in the process of building/lighting the Anigrand MC-80 Cruiser (no WIP thread sorry) but I will be picking the Andromeda up again once the MC-80 is done. The SSD won't be started for a while yet sorry but here is a link to some pictures I've taken of it: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm874pyQ

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thanks guys


I took the box down last night and after due consideration, I have opted to use the nozzle I made. Sp I took it out side and after a couple of hours in the shed, it has some paint on it


I used Alclad including on the clear bit. I didn't want it to look clear and I know Alclad is very translucent when light is shone from behind and besides - it looks better like this. I made a ring to go over the ends of the LED's and the results are perfect. Its very hard to photograph, but the white LED in the middle of the blues looks amazing














I have the lights currently setting in position now. I'll now start looking see how I am going to display it


Thanks for looking in



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He thanks us for looking in! They'd be nothing to look at without this build.


That engine is looking great.


On 12/26/2017 at 4:35 AM, The Madhatter said:


Welcome to the forums! :post1:   :cheers:


thank you  - your very kind. I'll be picking this one up again soon


And you know me, Madhatter. I'm otherwise known as Thom on other sites.


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