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thanks Blake! Have a go at detailing one - it's a lot of fun. The trick is to try and make the extra pieces look functional as opposed to bits just being stuck on.

The Andromeda is pretty much finished now - it just needs a clear coat and some weathering. The paint has blended the details in nicely and they're not as noticeable underneath.

I'm currently working on the base for the small fleet which will sit at 3 for the moment but with room to add a Dreadnought later down the track

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Hey Ray

Its about 35-40 cm long (I can't recall the exact measurements)

These aren't the cheapest kits in the shops but are great value through HLJ and work out much cheaper. I saw this in a hobby shop in the city for $220 and i got it landed for about $120 or so (I cant remember the exact amount but it was considerably cheaper by nearly $100 or so).  Ive bought a fair few of these SBY kits and each one is easy to put together and offer easy-ish lighting opportunities if that is the desired route

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Hi everyone

Well, she's pretty much done now. I am still working on the base which will house 3 ships for now with room for a Dreadnought later on
I'm not going to weather it much now as I like it the way it is
I'll take some lit shots later on and post them up hopefully tonight
Let me know what you think - good or bad
















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Well, here are the lit shots. I had a minor emergency with this as I couldn't get the lights to work. I had to break it open to get inside to see what was wrong. As it turned out, the main power lead hadn't been soldered on properly and it had come off completely. As a result of not doing things right the first time, I now have to replace a missing greebly from the back end and fabricate one of those little sensors from one of the rear guns. Fixed the lighting though!








That's all I have sorry. I did take more but they weren't worth showing.

Once I have my fleet base all done I'll include some pictures of that too

Thanks very much for stopping by and having a look


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I got as far as securing the Yuunagi but have yet t finish the Gamillian Cruiser. I keeping looking at it each night and keep thinking I should get it done, but with so many other things on the go at the moment, I haven't really given any thing else other than a thought.

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Love the lighting work on the Andromeda!  Also the scratch work!! 


Maybe sometime show how you do the lighting and where you get the components. 



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