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Great resource photos

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I have to admit, I'm a little cautious downloading over 500MB x 6, of pix without a preview of some sort.

Can you post a few images to give us a taste, Ret?


In addition, did you know there's an upcoming show in Guelph on November 5th?


Thanx Ret

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Hi Pete - I hear ya about being cautious - I'll see if I can figure out how to post a photo or two.  A lot of the images are detail shots of the Orbiters in processing - so they give you a real sense of the finer points of those beautiful machines.


Thanks for the heads up about the show ion Guelph - I'd certainly like to go.  Are you considering?  I'm working on a couple of new projects - not sure if I'll have them ready though - may have to bring some previous pieces.


Best - Ret



STS-92 OV-103 Crew Compt Top 01a.jpg

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Those 2 pix are good teasers ... I'll take the chance that downloading these 'vaults' aren't gonna load my Mac with nasty things!

Thanx Ret!


And re Guelph, yessirree, I'm planning on being there. They've always had a good, well organized show and I've got a few Real Space entries to bring.

Hope to meetcha there! Certainly bring your previous builds, there's one modeller who seems to only bring 10 year old models to EVERY show!   :doh:


Here's the link to their flyer



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I downloaded STS 117 and ... it won't open on my Mac.

I get an Alert telling me that no Application exists on my machine to open the document.


And ... now I see that WinZip for Mac will open it, but I hafta buy it ... well, not this time. I've got plenty of Shuttle pix and to just satisfy my curiosity about these images ... I'm gonna pass.


I'm sure somebody else will enjoy 'em though!

Thanx for posting this resource Ret!

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