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Whilst I am awaiting the paint to dry on my Corsair, I would start on my 2nd build for the GB.


With the transition to the F-4 Phantom II  in 1964/1965, VMF-115, was re designated to VMFA-115, were deployed to Da Nang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam on October 14, 1965. During the Vietnam War.   VMFA-115 flew more than 34,000 combat sorties, providing close air support for Marines during such battles as the Tet Offensive, Battle of Hue, Battle of Khe Sahn, and Task Force Delta. The squadron was awarded the Hanson Trophy in 1971 by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. In March 1971 VMFA-115 was relocated to Iwakuni, Japan. In April 1972, the squadron moved its operations to Royal Thai Air Base Nam Phong, Thailand. Here they continued to fly air to ground sorties in addition to playing a key fighter role in Operation Linebacker missions over North Vietnam.  


Its towards the later years that my build to represent F-4 B Phantom 152217,  around early to mid 70's whist in service with VMFA- 115. This  air frame was later converted to F-4N standard  and ended its days as a bomb range target.


Box Art



This is the 2011 release, I had previously made this back when it was released in 1990 as an Australian Airforce Cadet, unfortunately I no longer have the model, when I left home my folks turned my room into a sewing room for my Mum, so all the models that I had built over those years got " put away " and were damaged beyond repair. So i'm greatful to be able to build this one again


cockpit been done just using the kit decals for the IP & WSO office


Front IP already attached into position.



WSO  office


and the cockpit completed



After I had completed that I decided to tackle the stabilizers.



I had chiseled off the arrow head stiffener that is molded onto the stabs as they weren't present on the aircraft at the time, then re-scribed the the panel lines where that plates were and also added the panel line where the aluminium panel is ob the outboard side of the stab. Tamyia AS-12 was used then masked out and Gunze Steel was used on the center panel. have a touchups to do but that will be late done on.





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Thanks Tony,


I figured out how to fix the alignment issue,  glued the upper fuselage together first



then work around the tail hook and afterburner cans and left the lower section unglued



until I had the upper wings in potion.Then glued the wing sections together and now  the rear fuselage sits in nicely against the wingroot



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Update time.. doing this on my phone as I’m having issues with the computer.


The last 3 weeks have been pretty hectic with work for me, so it was time for a short break just to recharge the batteries & also spend some quality time with the family and headed off to the country for the week.


Just before I left, I had joined the the FWD & AFT fuselage sections together being mindful of Tony’s advise about the alignment issues with the kit... when I thought everything was good, I attached the intake trunks then Murphy’s law of modelling took hold. Murphy 1v me 0, and a lot of cursed words flying around.

IMG_0959.jpgLeft hand side of the trunking shown after copious amounts of thickened primer surfacer brushed on. Right hand side was pretty much the same. Then all join lines for the same treatment

IMG_0958.jpgHere is where it is now after all the filling and sanding sessions have been completed 






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Hiya All. Long time between visits.


Just have a heap of work on at the moment and regulatory audits going on.. and sort of lost the mojo for building as well.


I am  trying to get that war grimy look happy with the result of the white





 .....But not really happy with the grey base coat 





plus have a few touch ups to complete as well.



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Lots of times, but not in around 10 years. Yep, that join can be a bugger;. Its just a matter of taking time and position carefully. Sorry, no more advice then that.


This kit while great in many areas was often a problem at the main join. Part of the reason I switched to 1/48.

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Hi Guys, Yes  I am still here.... Just


Well, to be honest with you all, while I have been busy with work, I did loose interest in this Build... I ended up stripping this back to plastic and redoing it as I wasn't happy with the end finish of it.


Anyway after working on it for the last couple of days here is where I am with it at the present time, spent about 5 hrs on it today to get it to this stage. All the smaller decals to be put on tomorrow.








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 Glad yours is coming out better than mine! I gave up on this kit, just too embarrassing to continue on it! I may finish it up later but not showing it off to anyone! I have kinda been outta pocket myself. Need to get my Hornet into the final stretch. 

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Hey Tony.


Thanks mate,  I apologize for not replying sooner.  All the decals are finished, slowly working on the bng seats and all the additional stuff, Im going to hang  6 MK 82 snakes off it with gas bags on the wings. 

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