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1/72nd scale Helicopter decals

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Hi, I am new to this forum and joined because of a recommendation from Joseph of Fireball Model Works. I contacted him - a few months late, as it happens - to try and get some of his 1/72nd scale Vietnam War era helicopter decals.  He no longer produces these, but suggested I go to this forum and ask if anyone had a set they might be willing to part with. I am looking for his FMD - 03-72 US Navy HA(L) 3 - Seawolves decals in 1/72nd scale. I am building a 20mm/1/72nd scale US Navy Riverine Force for my wargames and I am trying to get the decals for a pair of helicopter gunships that the Riverine force used as air support.  I am also interested in getting Joseph's FMD - 01- 72, AH 1G, Part 1: US Army Vietnam 1/72nd scale decals for some Cobra's I am doing for the Army part of the same games.  If anyone has these decals, especially the Seawolves - or know where I might be able to acquire them. I would be very grateful! Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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