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best air regulator

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I bought a cheapie regulator and gauge when I bought my compressor a few years ago, and would like to replace it with a better one.  I use an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush.  The regulator I have tends to leak air (not from a connection) and the scale is wrong for the low pressure (15 - 20) that I use.  Could anyone suggest a good one?

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Wow.  no replies in like 13 days.

I'll throw what I know.  Lot's of people use a regulator right at the inlet to the brush to fine tune the spray.  There's usually no gauge for that, since it would be a bit cumbersome.  That being said I got one from Lowe's.  It has a built in filter and water trap.  It also sucks.  Do not use.  I got my last one, or the one I am using now from TCP Global.  I won't link because I don't know if they are a sponsor or not.  Also, Chicago Airbrush has some nice ones with Filters and Moisture traps.  I have a Moisture trap inline close to my brush but far enough away so that it doesn't weigh me down.  Get what you think you would like.  Guys swear by the little adjustable at the brush.  Phil Flory has one on his brush if you want to look him up on YouTube.  I set my pressure running air through the brush at the compressor.  It's probably off by a pound with the inline regulator but that's OK.  it would be a little low at the brush, and I'm okay with that.  If it sprays weird on your test spray turn it up a bit.


Stay away from the big box store regulators. get one with a filter and a moisture trap or a filter and an inline moisture trap.  Go online and shop around. Cheaper is not a bad thing, but don't let the fact that something was cheap be it's only attribute.  I'm big on name brand, it's usually easier to get parts for, or to return.



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Some of what I said was confusing.


A regulator after the compressor is good.  Close to the bench.  Then an inline moisture trap.

then if you're into it and fine tune regulator at the brush.

TCP Global, Chicago Airbrush, etc. have some fine regulators and traps and filters.  Some are brand name, (Iwata, Master, Badger, Passche, etc.)

if you wanna know what i have, I have the regulator that came on the compressor, then a regulator/trap/filter at my bench and that's it.  I had an inline and they are really good.  I may get another one.  Seems like overkill, but water spitting into your paint is really uncool.


Ask away...




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Personally I use one from Harbor Freight.  I upgraded it to the digital regulator and I have not had any problems 





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