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LoneStar 1/48 XF4U

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I just got in my email that LoneStar is back to working on the 1/48 XF4U project. It will require the Tamiya 1/48 Birdcage kit but he says his product is basically an entire kit.

This is pretty cool. Corsairs are definitely awesome and having a well-done kit of the prototype would be a nice addition to any collection. But it just occurred to me, is there any A-36/NA-73X prototype Mustang kit out there?

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Funny you should ask, as I researched that very topic a couple of weeks ago! The short answer is no, there isn't such a kit. BUT, you can use some of the Mustang I bits from Ultracast and some scratch building to convert Accurate Miniatures' 1/48 Mustang 1a kit into NA-73X. Here's an article with some useful info and here's an article on the early aircraft. AFAIK, you need to manage the markings yourself, but they're pretty easy, Google will find some good pix...


I just got the resin from Ultracast a couple of weeks ago and the Mustang 1a from the LHS last week.

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10 hours ago, DonSS3 said:

I don't see it on his site, although it may be worth checking the site out from time to time to see when it's been released:



There's a pointer to it right at the top of that page.


Right below that, he's got a picture of a Beech 18 on floats...must resist...


Hm, those floats look very much like the floats Grumman used on the F4F-3S.

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