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Best brushable mask?

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Just recently i've started using white glue like the ones used in schools. I put a little food colouring in it to help see where it is. The advantage is that it is water based (I predominantly use lacquers and enamels) and it forms a nice skin. I use wooden cocktail sticks to get it into corners, and you can thin it to brush over larger areas.


On cockpit parts it can be trimmed with a sharp scalpel if needed, and once you have painted it can be peeled off. If needed, you can soak with water and remove any residue with a cotton swab.


It's a lot cheaper too, plus no ammonia smell.


If you use acrylics, you need to test it if you want to apply it over existing paint



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I have been using Latex body paint for a while now with great results, price is real good and many colors available.

also they are ammoniaa free so safe to use in acrylic paints and future dipped canopies.




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