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Gato class "Trident" S 86 Hellenic Navy scratch

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I really like your scratch technique.


Congrats, both models look great.


I've been pondering scratch building the conning tower of a soviet Golf class sub in 1/72 scale but wasn't sure how to go about it.  I will give your technique a shot. thanks for sharing.



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Hello Nikolaos,


The image of the K-19 with its raised r-19 missile ready to launch has always captured my interest.  I originally was hoping to do it with the 1/350 scale Zvezda kit, but it's just too small for me.  that's when the idea to just do a conning tower in a larger scale came to mind, but I didn't know  a good method to build it, until I saw your method... you have re-inspired me to give it a another try.




Ernie A.

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Ernie go to the internet  site scalemates. search for nikolaos . click on small foto with A-7 Corsair. Go to my albums and see all fotos about triaina and technique about. If you have problem send me your email to try to send the k 19 plan about in 60-70 cm.

ussr-k-19-submarine (1).png

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Wow, I have to say I am really impressed.  what a great collections of built models.

The Tu-22 is one of my personal favorites... love what you did with yours.

I  would really appreciate if you can email me the K-19 plans, at your convenience of course.


once again, thank you for sharing.


Ernie A.





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