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1:48th - MiG-23MF "Flogger-B" & ML "Flogger-G" by Eduard (Trumpeter plastic)

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Eduard has just announced 1/48th  MiG-23MF "Flogger-B" & MiG-3ML "Flogger-G" in Czechoslovak service kit.

New tool? That's the question. Frankly I hardly imagine Eduard reboxing the Trumpeter's MiG-23 kits. But who knows.

If they're new tool and from the same barrel as their 1/48th MiG-21 "Fishbed" :analintruder:




L’image contient peut-être : ciel, avion, nuage et plein air





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8 minutes ago, Laurent said:

If it's only a photo and given the size of the model, I'm pretty sure it will be a Trumpeter rebox.


Hope not, I’d love to see Eduard release a line of -23/-27’s.  


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6 hours ago, HomeBe said:

Eduard reboxing the Trumpeter's MiG-23 kits.


It was already announced earlier as a next years release. It is the same concept as with many "new release" boxes from the Czech company. Almost no investment: just a new paper box, new decal and some etching, masks . . .


Best regards


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I would argue *most* of Eduard's new releases are their own toolings. They do quite a few limited editions based on other manufacturer's kits, but still many of their limited editions are their own toolings. Hoping they're not the Trumpeter kits. But even if they are, the resin goodies and excellent decals will make them better options than the vanilla Trumpeter MiGs. 

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