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F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

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Slartifarbast, Joel, Mr Happy,

thank you for leaving your post.


The main part of decaling is almost complete.


I did a lot of modifications to match the picture of the real subject choosing from kit decal sheet, an old microscale sheet (72-304) and modifying when necessary.

For example the blue color on fin flag had been aerographed (decal color demarcation didn't fit the kit rudder), the white star comes from kit decals (the edges were sharper), red and white bolts come from Microscale sheet but on right side I had to recontour the demarcation between red and white since the two markings where slightly different on the two sides of the fin.


Again Texans logo on fuselage side comes from  the Microscale sheet but the map of Texas had been modified using part of the kit decal (it was too short up north).


So a lot of job!


Now only the smaller stencils are missing and I'm studying were to place them to match the pictures and whether to use them or not because not all of them where present


Here some pictures:

















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Hi all Gents! Sorry for my total silence!

I'd finally recovered from my accident and went back to work so I had very few time for modeling.


But I'm back on the bench!


So today's update:


The decaling work went on with some stencils printed with my laser printer.

Many panels were numbered on the real airframe!

I'm waiting for some "do not paint" inscriptions in white for the radome to come from UK.


After sealing all with gloss transparent I've done a very light wash using oils.

I used a medium grey mix and no brown at all not to turn the bluish shade of the ADC into a yellowish one.

I used a brown colour mix just for the titanium area.

The undersurface needs some extra wash to simulate leakage smoke etc. The missile bay rails also needs some dark colour. 


Here some pics:












The wing area is the part I like more with the 3.000 rivets I added now emphasized:





At the end of the weathering I will spry a satin finish and remove all the masks...I can't wait for that moment to come!










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Thank You AlienFrogModeller and Craig,


I'm here tonight with a new update:


I've been working at the main wheel legs adding some leverages and pipes:




Then I've started detailing the canopy frame interiors:


Here an interesting detail which is a canister to stove the removable air scope hood.

When not in use by the radar operator it was stowed inside the canister at the right back of the operator headrest as you can see in the last picture.










Even if the project is very close to conclusion still many little detail are missing so be patient.

It's a metter of time!







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Your linkage on the landing gear was referred by us as the "shrink link". The compressed air in the oleo leg needed to be released so the landing gear would fit into the wheel well. This linkage would ensure the leg was compressed as it was retracted.


It is a very complete package of upgrades you've carried out on that kit, and continues to impress.

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Hello guys thank You for leaving your kind messages.


A mini tiny update:

The kit on its legs!




Really sorry for slow progression on the job.

Much of the initial enthusiasm is lost so It's all more complex now...





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I dare say we would be hard pressed to find a 1/48th scale model built with your level of detail and the quality of your finish. Simply beautiful!

One thing though, I don't think the real thing had a wooden canopy support :whistle:

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Happy new year friends!


Thank you for your nice comments!


A little update...

Landing gears are finally finished and detailed.

I've added the hydraulic actuators of the wheel legs completed with their pipes.

They are made from scratch and also the red clamps usually fitted on ground to prevent retraction in case of a loss of hydraulic pressure.






Also from scratch are the arms that open and close the wheel doors: 






The front gear received two brand new landing lights.

Here again the fruit of a scratch build.




For those interested I thermoformed them with a transparent plastic film using the terminal part of a brush (recontoured and polished) as a master.

The interior surface had been left unpainted while the exterior had been painted first with polished aluminum and then with the final colour, in this case dark aluminium.

All from AK extreme metal.

This way You get a very shiny effect.


To conclude the missile rails had been painted black-grey washed with pure black and details highlighted with a smooth white drybrush:





I'm sorry that's going on really slowly I know…






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