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A friend of mine won the old MPC 1/72 A-10 in a raffle at a local model contest. Since he's an armor builder, he gave it to me and told me to do something interesting with it. I've got the old Great Warplanes of the World book and saw the YA-10A in the A-10 section. I liked the look of the ADC Gray scheme with hi-vis markings. The MPC kit actually fit pretty well. 











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That is so cool! It brought a big smile to my face. I've always loved the traditional camo on an A-10 but it looks rather nice in grey with the hi-viz markings.


I'm with Ben, I'm unfamiliar with the kit and am keen to know what you did to make it a YA-10.

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Thanks for the kind words. The YA-10A differed from the production A-10 in a couple of obvious differences. The wing fillet found on production A-10's was not on the YA-10. The fuselage came straight down to the wing. The horizontal stabs on the YA had a reversed diagonal leading edge as opposed to the rounded leading edge on the A-10. Originally, the YA-10 didn't have the 30mm gun, but rather a 20mm. Once the 30mm was ready, it was put on the YA-10. Finally, the YA-10 didn't have the U-shaped antenna on the underside or the Pave Penny mount. Many of the antennas found on the A-10 were also not on the YA. The one thing I couldn't confirm was if the leading edge "slat" was on the YA. It doesn't appear the fence was, but I could never confirm if the slat was there or not.

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15 hours ago, Phantom Phixer said:

Very nice! Well done! I'll be very much pleased if the Matchbox kit I'm building turns out half as good...


And here come the questions:
How/what did you use for the pitot probe?

And what about paint/colour?


Thanks in advance. :wave:

Thanks! To answer your questions, I used the probe off of a 1/48 F-106 Delta Dart. Master Model's makes a turned brass probe. For colors, I used MM Acryl Aircraft Gray (also known as ADC Gray). It's the standard color on F-102's and F-106's.

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