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FS/FT : 1/144, 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, 1/35 aircraft and armor Updated

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I have the following kits to part with. All are complete with no work done unless marked otherwise. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Payment by PayPal preferred (for goods/services only, NO friends or family/gift payments will be accepted).

For trades, I am looking for the following kits:

1/48 Kinetic E-2C (need early 4 blade prop)
1/48 Kinetic EA-6B (kit 48044 only)
1/32 Academy F/A-18D

If interested, please contact me via email at the following address:



As always, thank you


1/144 Scale

Minicraft KC-135E $20.00
Trumpeter Il-76 $25.00

Fundekals C-17 Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, India $10.00

1/72 Scale

Sword F3D-2 with Superscale Decals 72-571 Point Mugu, NPF, VMFT(N)-20, VMCJ-2 $35.00

Fujimi F-14D Super Tomcat Royal Collection $25.00
Fujimi F-14A with Fightertown Decals 72005 VF-154 Combat Cruise $25.00
KA Models F-14A (Fujimi kit with color PE, brass pitot and new decals) $25.00
Fujimi UH-1N $5.00
Fujimi F/A-18D $10.00

Hasegawa RF-4B with Superscale 72201 $25.00
Hasegawa EA-6B with Superscale 72648 Desert Storm 'Eve of Destruction' $25.00
Hasegawa S-3A $15.00

Minicraft B-24D $20.00
Minicraft PBM-5A Mariner $30.00

Academy PBY-5A Catalina with Quickboost props, Eduard PE, Squadron Vac canopies $25.00
Academy F/A-18D with Aires SJU-17 NACES seats $25.00

PM Model C-45/AT-11 $5.00
Glencoe Models Curtiss Condor (1/81 scale) $10.00
Monogram Ford Tri-Motor (approx. 1/77 scale) Original kit/box 1956 release $10.00
Verlinden Masters Choice resin MK-82 500lb bombs $5.00
Verlinden Masters Choice resin MK-82 500lb bombs $5.00

Experts Choice Decals 72-29 F-16A/B PRANG, AZANG $10.00
Microscale Decals 72-495 CVW-14 USS Coral Sea F-4N, A-6E $5.00
Microscale Decals 72-506 F-8 Crusader Data $5.00
Repliscale Decals 72-1039 USMC F/A-18C Hornets Operation Desert Storm $5.00

1/48 Scale

AMT AD-4W Skyraider $15.00
Tamiya A-1H Skyraider $20.00
Meng Satellite Guided Bombs( 1 GBU-54 assembled) $10.00

Revell AD-5 Skyraider $15.00

Monogram F-105D $12.00
Monogram A-1H 'Nam, Tour of Duty boxing $12.00
Monogram A-1H 'Nam, Tour of Duty boxing $12.00
Monogram F-101 $12.00
Monogram F-80 $12.00

Italeri AH-1W $15.00
Hobbyboss A-7K with Speed Hunter Graphics Decals 48008 $50.00
Hobbycraft Elite F7U-3/3M Cutlass (not in original box) $25.00
Academy F-111C (updated tooling) $30.00

Eagle Strike Decals 48002 Hornets of the Fleet part I $5.00
Eagle Strike Decals 48151 Vietnam Warriors part II $5.00
Aeromaster Decals SP48-04 Eagles of the Rising Sun $20.00
Airdoc Decals 48016 A-7D CO/NM/OK/PAANG $15.00
Flying Leathernecks Decals FL48004 VMFA(AW)-121 OIF 2007 $10.00
Speed Hunter Graphics 48013 Heritage Vipers $15.00

Wolfpack Design AN/AAQ-28 LITENING Pod $3.00
Wolfpack Design AN?AAQ-28 LITENING Pod $3.00
Wolfpack Design F-16C Block 50/52 cockpit $10.00
Eduard Remove Before Flight streamers $5.00

1/32 Scale
Hasegawa F6F-3/5 $20.00
Tamiya F-14A Black Knights boxing $95.00

Trumpeter F/A-18F $95.00

Skunk Models F-16 Conformal fuel tanks for Tamiya kit $15.00
Fox One Decals 32006 USMC Phantoms SEA part II $10.00

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I am checking to see if I smell bad and my deodorant isn't working. Cuz I have not heard back from Dave regarding the items I was interested. Message sent about a week ago.


Thanks, Harold

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