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Hasegawa's Japanese Gas Truck - OOB

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I’m only relatively new to the world of armour modelling, and most of what I’ve got is old Matchbox and Fujimi 1/76 kits. These are fun little gems that largely build well, fast and simply. I am not into the armour for the superdetailing of it all; I just pick designs that are cool-looking, unusual or funky (or a Matchbox).  I don’t really care if it’s a truck, tank, SP gun or command/recon car, if it arouses my interest, I’ll give it a shot.


That’s why I surprised myself when I picked up my newest armour acquisition, the old Hasegawa 1/72 Isuzu TX-40 fuel truck. I mean, it’s not all that elegant or unusual; it’s just a gas truck. However, something about it called out to me and I’m glad it did. This kit is sometimes bundled with Hasegawa’s 1/72 Japanese aircraft, in order to create a diorama set. It’s certainly a good choice for it.


However, I didn’t buy it for a diorama. I just bought it because it seems to me that everyone forgets the important role that simple little trucks have in wartime, whether it was in WWII or even now. I wanted to have a little display piece that would remind everyone, including me, that there was more to ground combat than tanks and mobile guns.  I wanted to immortalize the oft-disregarded vehicles toiling behind the scenes.


Check out this little old kit at the link below. Sure, it’s simple, but I think it’ll be fun!





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