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1:32 Lockheed EC-121K Warning Star/Constellation

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Hi all,


Long time since I last posted on ARC - but thought some might be interested in a project of mine that goes back a long way, but has just reached a bit of a tipping point with the fuselage halves together and heading for a full airframe.


It's based on the old ID Models vac kit (now available from Tigger Models) - with a lot of scratch-building. Pretty well the only thing from the kit being used without major rebuilding are the fuselage halves.


Anyway - getting there I think!
Note - wings not fully seated at roots yet as I need to make openings for the flap area.
Also nose is dry fitted, but needs a lot of work before fitting - as does the dorsal radar 'fin' which needs to be a lot thicker - so please be gentle with any observations at this stage! 
And to give scale, an Eduard 1:32 Bf109E:


Before anyone shouts too loudly - yes, the dorsal 'sail' is too thin at the moment, and the nose and fuselage were it joins the horizontal stab need work.
Have fun! 

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Doesn't look like a lot of progress - but there's a good 20+ hours of work between last week's photos and where we are now.
If I'm honest I'm a bit 'sanded out' just now - time for a break.
Nose being blended in - still a way to go - but getting there. Circle on top of nose was my pour hole for casting resin (the smaller a 'riser' the other side of an internal bulkhead). Nose was taped in position - adjusted for position/alignment - and then resin poured:


Underneath you can see the area I had to fill as our puppy had made some 'field modifications' to the fuselage half:
Rear fuselage getting there - some more surface imperfections to deal with:
Curve of rear fuselage built up - needs further shaping once centre fin in place:
Area ahead of tailplane - removed and rebuilt - again - getting there shape-wise (brown area is polyurethane foam core - soaked in Epoxy):
Wings dry fitted. Gaps at root will either need plugging - or root re-shaping - depends on overall span when ready to be bonded - will make that call then:
Young Cameron for a sense of scale!
Have fun!

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