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Is this trip necessary Mustang P-51D

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Hi all

I came across a picture of this Mustang on Facebook and some colleagues on Britmodeller were able to provide an extra picture or two of this aircraft.


However, I wanted to know if there were ever decals done for this ship or for it's squadron as I would like to make the model.

The Mustang is of 72nd Fighter Squadron, 21st Fighter Group and I believe based upon what I have been advised that she was 44-63289,  plane #335.


Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)





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Do you have the picture you are talking about or can link it?


Plane number #335 would be the 531st Fighter Squadron, not 72nd.  531st used White bands, while 72nd used yellow.


There are only a handful of Iwo Jima 7th Fighter Command P-51 decal sets out there.  And nothing has been done of the 72nd FS, and just 2 of the aircraft of the 531st.  Both are on the 4 released Aeromaster VLR Mustang 1/48th sheets.

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  I just realized the title of your post was the name of the P-51.  Yes, that shot you are referring to is most likely the press photo, with drop tanks in the background.  

  There are no markings for it on any decal sheets.  It probably wouldn't be too hard to get some to make them.  I don't have info on that aircraft, other than it is presumed to be a     72nd FS aircraft.  

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