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Lot of 1/48 WWI kits for sale - SOLD

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Package has been sold.


I have some 1/48 WWI aircraft kits that I'd like to sell.  Since I want to move these, I'm selling them as a lot and am pricing accordingly.  Sorry, but for now, I'm going to limit this to US buyers only.  Shipping is not included.  Note that this is a big box, and shipping via Priority will be expensive.  I am willing to ship Retail Ground, if you can wait a couple of days for me to get to the post office.


FSB - factory sealed box

OB/SB - open box, sealed bags


The kits (all are 1/48 scale):

DML 5901 Fokker Dr.I "Knights Of The Sky Series" FSB

DML 5905 Fokker D.VII "Knights Of The Sky Series" OB/SB

Eduard 8415 Pfalz D.IIIa Weekend Edition - OB/SB

Eduard 8406 Albatros D.V Weekend Edition - FSB

Eduard 8040 Roland C.II - this kit is bagged (no box), but the individual bags are sealed

DML 5905 Fokker D.VII "Knights Of The Sky Series" (same as kit above) - this kit is bagged (no box), but the individual bags are sealed

Eduard 8037 Albatros Dr.I - this kit is bagged, and is missing the resin gun bodies but is otherwise complete.  The kit does include styrene guns.  (Oddly enough, it has two sets of resin gun barrels, so there is probably a kit floating out there with two bodies and no barrels.)


The price is $45 for all seven kits, plus shipping.


I'll accept any of the following methods of payment:

PayPal - please mark as goods/services

Amazon gift card

Personal check - must wait for it to clear.

Money order

I do not accept cash.


If you're interested, contact me via email: stacey dot brogden at gmail dot com.  Be sure to include your zip code for shipping quote.


Thanks for reading this far!



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