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Pledge Klear Floor WAX

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Hi guys, 

I'm going to UK so want to buy a bottle of Klear Floor Wax for my canopies.

Have seen there are some different items: Pledge With Future Shine Floor, Pledge Klear Multi Surface Wax, etc...

So can anybody tell me which is the proper item should I buy for modeling use? 

Many thanks.


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Yes, you got the point!



2 hours ago, MoFo said:

I think the OP's question is, what is the UK equivalent of Future, now, in 2017, because he's travelling to the UK and would like to pick some up.  In the UK.  United Kingdom.

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Many thanks MoFo.

Seems the Pledge available in U.K. is a bit different than the American, it's "milky" but still good to dipping canopies.



19 hours ago, MoFo said:

I'm not in the UK, but a search on Britmodeller turned up this thread from earlier this year: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235020742-canopies-shine-like-klearfuture/  which may be helpful?  For that matter, it might help to ask on Britmodeller, if you don't get any useful replies on ARC.

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Well, I use Pledge Klear (blue cap) because I can not get my hands on Pledge Finish, at ebay the shipping charges to europe are ridiculous.


I find to be honest that there is no difference. Yes, the stuff looks muddy.


When i dip the canopies of my kits in it all dries up clear as it was years ago with the finish-version.


I even coat with it for decalling and airbrush matt enamel paint over it .


Without any problems...






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