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Early feedback on this kit is good with good accuracy and a nice kit at an affordable price. 


Any chance we might see some of your ANG P-51's in 1/32? I'd be a buyer for sure if the TX and TN options were included. Any other Post War P-51 options ether US based, Japan/Germany occupation birds or Korean war era birds would be fun. So far the Korean war era has one sheet for P-51's in this scale and that is the AIMs sheet with Two SAAF and 4 USAF options and I am not super happy with it as they want me to paint the red for the sharkmouths instead providing a red backing to the teeth (pet peeve maybe). Anyway likewise the only ANG option out there is the very old Ventura sheet offering a NM ANG aircraft. An Aussie Korean war or Occupation plane would be cool too. :) 


Just a thought but I think this kit is likely to sell like hotcakes and I would be buyer for more than one sheet seeing as we will finally have a lower priced Mustang so I can justify doing my favorite plane in multiple markings. That has been hard with the Tam and ZM options both around $100. 





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Only problem is the first issue of the kit does not have the fin fillet, it is the early P-51D models.  So the ANG and Korean War schemes you would have to either modify or wait for the next release, which is probably going to happen, seeing as how they have holes for rockets in the wings ready to go.

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