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Finally getting caught up with my to do list and wanted to get the completed build posted here.   The kit was sent to me by ZM prior to the US NATS for a build and it is a fantastic kit. Alll but a couple of the F-4S mods were added to the J kit to make the new Phantom mark.    The big change is an entirely new wing that is set up for not only the slats, but includes the belly strap and strengthening plates that the "S" carried.   The even got the outer slat shape correct where as others have simply used the USAF profile slat.  The other detail they got right is the inner slat lip that extends past the bottom of the wing when retracted.    A neat feature is that the slats come in the extended position and ZM included parts to position the elevator and extend the nose gear to make a carrier launch scene if desired.   For those wanting retracted slats that are the std position for resting aircraft, you simply remove the linkages from the appropriate parts, attache the inner slat, to the wing,  and position the outer slats accordingly.


I used the some photo etch parts and did some scratch building.  

F-4S VF-301 MIG Killer in Ferris Colors

Accessories Used:

  • Eduard PE Sets
  • Master Models Metal Pitot tubes and AOA Sensor
  • HWG Seat Belts

Scratch Built items are:

  • Main Gear retraction rods and small door linkages
  • Slatted Elevator space opened up
  • Scratch built Canopy sills, Breaker bar, and details
  • Cockpit Side Sills modeling the Canopy Locking linkages
  • Pilot Landing gear position lever and Tail Hook Lever
  • Seat Ejection Pull Loops
  • Detailed Exhaust Nozzles
  • Sparrow Missile guidance sensor added to right nose under AC Intake
  • Vents under rear fuselage opened and Drain added



Here is the build link to see what was done:

Now for the pics:
































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