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HELP: restoring F-94 decals

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hi everybody.

decals definitely haunt me.

i have bought a cheap old heller 1/72 starfire b just because i needed the icelandic decals, otherwise apparently unavailble on the whole mudball.

they are generally rather good, but there's an evident yellowing on the clear parts, and the metal background could be improved. see accluded resized pic.

i am sending this s.o.s. to everybody who makes decals by him/herself that could be able to print the set anew.

i have scanned the set at 600 dpi, and in another couple occasions i had a pal doing this for me, this resolution was enough for the job and light enough to go via internet.

unfortunately the guy has become too busy with his own decal production business and has no more time to help me out this time.

it goes without saying that i presume to pay for the job.

so c'm onĀ all ye decal-makers and...make me happy!:beer4:

thanks in advance.

best ciaos, and happy modeling!


p.s.: if it could help with the job, i can make without the yellow markings (but not the bat) as i'm not supposed to use them on my arctic f-94 c. ciao! b.

f-94 decals resize.jpg

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