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1/72 Apache hasegawa

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Quick questions 


what is good and what is not that good about the Hasegawa 1/72 AH-64A apache? 


Thanks for  help 

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The problem is that they did good & bad (maybe too harsh) versions. I tried to find some references to kit #s but there is nothing Hasegawa on scalemates, which is too bad!???

IMHO the biggest problem in 72nd is the lack of detail on the tail rotor, it is unusual in that it has 4 blades that are not at right angles BUT the biggie is that the pairs of blades DO NOT rotate on the same plane ( referring to geometry not airplanes)?? One blade set is about 2-3 inches apart from the other! The early Hassy kits had the tail rotor as a 1 piece mold with both blade sets on the same level, which I think takes away from the appearance of the bird.

Hasegawa revised their kit molds and IIRC gave us new fuse pieces and did the tail rotor properly!! Since I couldn't find a Hassy kit family tree I don't remember where this up garde was done, because I think you can still buy both!! The Iraqi Freedom kit has the upgrades but there could have been a release before that, something in the back of my mind keeps saying Army Guard markings???????


So, to sum up I feel the revised Hassy kit is for now the best in 72nd, yes the cockpit detail is just decals but it can be made to look good!



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What about converting an Academy AH-64D (in my opinion the best Apache in town) into an "A"?




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Box 808 had the fuselage pieces for FSD or earlier Apache with short pylons,split under fuselage fairing and whatever was missing around rotor mast,pic is from the one I have listed on evilbay





Dt8X is possibly the first boxing with revised parts,the problem with Scalemates is that for some kits there is a lack of sprue pics,for example they are listing Hasegawa F-2A from Aerodancing as an FS-X box variant whilst the FS-X is an F-16C rebox with a new sprue for the canards and vertical stab and Aerodancing F-2A is just the standard F-2A







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