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Plastiková Zima 2017 show

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So yesterday on 25th of November we have seen the annual Plastiková Zima 2017 modelling show in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here is a short review and some photos to go with it in the coming days.


A good one day event! It is very close to Austria, to Hungary (less than 2 hour drive from Budapest) so a lot of international participation. Excellent atmosphere and I mean of the show! The air inside the building is another matter, some ventilation should be arranged for in the years to come. But it does not take away from the overall felling of the event. Lots of manufacturers, traders and many small cottage industry representatives, some excellent bargains. No real big announcements from manufacturers, nothing that we did not know about. But Special Hobby had some sprues to show, like the new 72nd Viggen and the coming P-40 kit. They look fantastic! Will have some photos later. Also on view were the new Eduard sprues for the Hasegawa “repack” Liberator by the Czech company. It should be out in the new year. The sprues are very nice!

Level of models in the competition was very high. Some superb workmanship!


So lets see few photos. Since I don’t have a photoshare (thanks to the very kind and generous Photobucket) the photos should come one by one in the following days.


First is an excellent representation of the dull aluminium finish which is typical for L-29 or MiG-15 aircraft.


Best regards


PZ 2017 1 48 L-29.jpg

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