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I am currently working on completely new panel displays for the 1/32 Monogram Apollo CSM. I just completed all displays and the astronaut couches and will continue with the tunnel, hatch and windows. These last parts will be less expensive simply because there are smaller. The displays come in 2 variants whether you want to keep the cutaway version or you want a complete display and no transparent CM. The intermediate space is a part you haev to add between the capsule and the heat shield to correct some dimension of the model.

Until to-morrow there is a 10% reduction and no shipping from shapeways, so if you are interested the parts are here : 




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On ‎28‎-‎11‎-‎2017 at 10:57 PM, K2Pete said:

You've been a very busy man!   :rolleyes:  :thumbsup:


Thanx Vincent!


Me to  :) i do a K2pete 1/24 LM version with also parts from vincent 

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