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Patrouille de France 2017 update

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The Patrouille de France 2017 update sheet is almost ready - I should be able to post an image of the draft in a few days. I am still having a bit of struggle with the crew names but I hope it will be taken care of soon.

The update sheet will have tail markings of the 2017 USA visit, all ten French WWI ace markings as applied to the jets, crew names and serial numbers/registrations.




It will also include markings for the Armee de'l Air 80th anniversary markings applied for the 2014 season,  updating the sheet and restoring its claim to have every Patrouille de France special tail marking since 1993.

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Hello Kursada,


Thank you for these good news.

From your opinion, which is the best kit in 48 scale to go with your decals : Kinetic or PJ production ?


Have a nice Sunday.


Kind Regards






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4 hours ago, 82Whitey51 said:

Very nice Kursad. Will the update be available separately?


Yes,  the sheet will be available separately in both scales.


3 hours ago, Geronimo said:

From your opinion, which is the best kit in 48 scale to go with your decals : Kinetic or PJ production ?


I only had a chance to observe the PJ kit for a very short time. The decals are designed to fit the Kinetic tail, although I believe the PJ kit is accepted to be accurate and I have no doubt it will fit. The Kinetic Alpha Jet is a state-of-the-art injection molded kit and I really like it, and I would recommend it with no hesitation. Of course, someone with more knowledge of the PJ kit may have a different opinion. 


Interestingly I designed part of the PAF update sheet in Paris during my vacation there last summer - I was getting bored waiting in the cafeteria floor of Galleries Lafayette while my family was busy shopping, and I could not resist taking out the tablet and draw the fin flash. Can not think of a more appropriate location ;-)


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I'll have to get this sheet to commemorate almost freezing to death waiting to watch them at Gatineau. Note to self: Chuck Taylors are not proper footwear for standing on a concrete ramp for several hours while it's sleeting...



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In case anyone is wondering why this sheet is delayed:


As we move into 2018,  the team is in the latest stages of decorating their aircraft with a completely new tail for the 65th anniversary of Patrouille de France. The anniversary logo has already been shown to the public. I had been expecting the aircraft to sport the new tails for their demo at Le Bourget a couple weeks ago, but it did not happen. They have clearly started to repaint the tails - as you can see in the photo here.


At this point it makes sense to delay this sheet a few more weeks and include the 2018 markings if possible - so the sheet can still live up to its claim that it includes every special tail marking since 1993. Thanks for your patience. 



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Thank you for the news! I didn't know that the PAF is changing her look!


After the USA tour, many people thought that it is time for La Patrouille de France, to change her look and the designer Regis Rocca succeeded to change the decoration of the tail, but he dreams to repaint  the aircraft completely.


Here is a link in french tongue which gives some pictures and explanations;



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