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It's Official I have seen Hell Freeze over twice in 51 years

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And up here in the other end of Texas (Panhandle)  we got nada.  Which is weird because we usually have

some snow by this time of the year.  Until this week I was still running around in shorts and T-shirt. Finally got

got cold enough Tuesday that I had to put on the long rompers.



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1 hour ago, Scott Smith said:

Surprised that Dodge isn't upside down and in flames. You know, from that deadly southern snow and ice.  

This Dodge knows how to keep the rubber side down. The temps never dipped below freezing here in my town. The roads never froze over, just had slush from the snow coming off the vehicles on the road. There are people down here who don't know how to drive in the first place had issues on the roads. We had more snow on Christmas day in 2004 than what we had this time. I thought I'd never see this happen again down here.

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I visited Hell in 2005. Was shortly after a hurricane devastated the area,

actually Hell was quite nice! Grand Caymans I believe. I think Ivan went

through and wreaked havoc in 2004 just before we cruised the area.---John


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