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1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

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Added wiring harness to console control panel. Since it is the underside (not easily seen) it was pointless to dressed it up.




Connected control panel and harness to console.




Made small harness between terminal strips and the two D-Connectors to the back of console (these connect to control box under display table).



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Added Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting any museum visitors approaching the display.




Dyed some felt a grey color and lined the console edges of front panel.




Drilled holes in the thick Perspex, allowing heatwaves to reach the PIR sensor. A portion of the front panel was used as a kick board to protect the Perspex.



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9 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:

You are cranking this out post haste!  Was the IR sensor your idea or part of the original plan?

Hello Bruce.


As mentioned earlier, I am posting daily to catch up to where I am at the moment with the project. Then my posts will be less frequent.


The IR sensor was in the back of my mind not long after the console was to be a wiring diorama. It was after the harness got installed, and near its completion as a wiring diorama, that I bought the PIR unit.

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1 hour ago, Slartibartfast said:

Oh, please don't make me use my memory.  Mistakes will be made.

You and I both my friend.

And if I sit for too long, rigor mortus starts to set in. Man it can hard to stand up again.

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The PIR sensors movement in its vicinity. When it does it will turn the console lighting on. The only times it turns off is when the PIR no longer sensors movement for 10 seconds, or when someone starts working the console.







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Thank you @Slartibartfast for the spiff.


Now that the wiring diorama is basically completed, I can forget about that part of the project.

At this stage I started thinking about the landscape. That is, the river bank areas.

Here is the North side. My first objective was the staircase, and build from there.



Above: 7 years between these two photographs.




Created footpath under the bridge and up the hill.


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2 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:

You going to have a U-boote navigating under the bridge?

Ha ha ha. No my friend. It's always nice to get a response from you. I am explaining why I won't reply anymore until I get a response. It's an exchange of faviours...Quid pro quo.

Here is my funny reply to your question.



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Late last year the shire council put in a new pathway along Bridge Street. I decided to add this new landscaping to the diorama.





Took photographs and measurements. Then started building the new pathway.








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Thank you @Silenoz for responding.

8 hours ago, Silenoz said:

looking really good... that pathway must be a tedious work to place all those planks one by one...

Yes and no.

Yes, when considering the task as a whole; and no, when considering the one straight matchstick that needs to fit in that spot.


As you already know:

If I worry about the whole task, I lack the consideration for that matchstick and end up botching the whole task.

If I focus just on the proceedures of matching the matchstick, one at a time, the whole task will take care of itself.

When I finish the task, I adjust my focus on the whole task and end up saying exactly what you said, "looking really good".


That's what we love about modelling. We come to the stages of our tasks and say to ourselves "that's looking good, let's carry on".

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1 hour ago, Slartibartfast said:

I am continually impressed by your materials use.

Are you an armor modeller!

Thank you Bruce for compliment.

No, I am not an armor modeller. This bridge project is my very first model.

I think scratch-building lends itself to wondering how and what to use that will simulate what is needed. After all, the parts are not available like a kit provides.

Also I never ever say "that's impossible", so I am compelled to look for solutions.

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