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Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

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  • 2 weeks later...

Time to assemble the 26 part K-36 ejection seat..... Note that there are two styles of head box - early small and later large.
You can see them both at top left (small) and bottom left (large) - they each have different side panels.
Note the seat firing handle...Number 2. Tiny and totally flashed over.




The seat is simply stunning - but the multitude of parts are tiny - and display some flash that must be trimmed. This is not plastic modelling - it is microsurgery !!!




I didn't read the instructions and initially used the wrong head box - and couldn't figure out why the side panels wouldn't fit.


After four attempts, I finally realised my mistake and fitted the smaller of the two head boxes - but then had to use filler to blend in the two side panels :doh:


This was entirely my fault - no reflection on Modelsvit.




The back of the seat - all separate parts!!!




My photos don't do it justice - it really is superb. I had to make the firing handle from foil - having ruined the plastic part trying to trim off the flash.


I don't know why Modelsvit don't include the firing handle on the etched fret ??? It would be much better in brass.




Another badly take photo of the finished seat.



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Excellent work Ken! Look forward to the progress of the project!


Just as to how good the latest Modelsvit kits? News from last week: At the Nürnberg fair the MiG-21F kit has received an award from ModellFan Best aircraft kit 2018!

If you think that this is “just” a short run kit . . .

The MiG-21 kit was the predecessor of the T-10-10 kit. Since they are improving with every new kit, there are no questions (for me) how good the Flanker kit is.


Congratulations to the Modelsvit team!!! More! More! More!





Best regards


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  • 3 weeks later...

Just out of the paintshop.......






I have decided I don't like making Flanker models - too much masking!!! :bandhead2:


Mask off and paint the exhausts - then mask them, paint the radome and actuator cover, then mask, paint the silver shroud, mask....


Spray an overall coat of light blue, apply Blu-tac sausages, mask - then  spray the mid blue, unmask, apply more Blu-tac, mask and then spray the mid-grey.


I'm not good with an airbrush - so I don't enjoy this part of the build - but the end result is worth it.... eventually.


Give me a silver finish from a rattle can any day.



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You might not be entirely satisfied, and i see a couple of spots that could use a touch up; But i think it looks very nice Ken.:thumbsup: Also, if you find this one frustrating, i dont recommend doing a Su-33 next. :woot.gif:


What colors did you use?

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Berkut - I've done the touch-ups - and I used the AKAN Su-27 set.


I'm well impressed with the AKAN paints - both ease of use and coverage.


My Trumpeter Su-33 and Su-33UB are both stalled - 'cos I'm not happy with the AKAN colours - nor my airbrushing.


I now have SEVEN * Flankers on the go - so I might get the mojo back to go and finish them all.




* ........

Modelsvit T10, Hasegawa Su-35S (they make interesting companions - first and last Flankers)

Trumpeter Su-30MKK (as Su-30M2 with Pavel Sukhois face on fin), Trumpeter Su-34 and converted Su-27IB - plus the Su-33 and Su-33UB

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On 2/24/2018 at 9:32 AM, Flankerman said:

My Trumpeter Su-33 and Su-33UB are both stalled - 'cos I'm not happy with the AKAN colours - nor my airbrushing.


Might I ask what problems you found with the AKAN colours for the Su-33? Are you using the set for the early colours or the late colours?


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15 hours ago, Mstor said:

Are you using the set for the early colours or the late colours?


I can't remember which set I used - I gave up on the Su-33/33UB a few months ago.


I have these colours in my AKAN Su-33 paint collection...






But I don't know which ones I used - but the colours on my airbrushed Su-33/33UB look too stark - not helped by the too sharp edges to the pattern(my fault)


I'll take some photos of the painted models and get back to you - and maybe resurrect the two models.



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Looking gorgeous...I should try akan one of these days :)

Why do you unmask between colors though? you paint the base color....mask...paint...then just add more mask for the next color and unmask when all painting is done.

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Nearly there.............


This really is a stunning kit from Modelsvit..... they even include an etched-brass HUD - very small but perfectly formed...




Also included is a rectangle of perspex for the Combiner Glass!!!! - although my shaky hands and failing eyesight weren't up to fitting it...




Almost time to add the windscreen and canopy - then a few etched aerials and Odd Rods antenna and it will be finished.



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