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French Army Puma/Gazelle Colors

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Hi All,


Anybody know a good match for the green in the Armee de Terre camouflage used on the Puma and Gazelle helicopters?  Are the colors the same as the NATO Brown, Black, and Green as seen on military vehicles?  The 72nd Hellers instructions say Humbrol 102 but it seems too dark and not enough "olive" to my old eyes.  No problem with the brown and black colors but the green is a little elusive to me.


I've seen a few builds with what looks like the correct color and will continue to try to contact those builders but as usual, will appreciate any and all help.


Happy New Year!,







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Another question added.
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This forum has a great thread running on the Gazelle. It deals mostly with civilian Gazelles but there are plenty of photos of military helicopters in there too.




I wish someone would do a rotorhead and skids aftermarket set for the 1/72 Airfix Gazelle. Overall, it is a nice little kit and just needs a little improvement in these areas to make a nice job of it. 



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Merci Antoine, I will be checking out the merits of both company's paints and see who has the best one(s) for my needs.


Loach Driver, I completely agree with you on the extras for the Gazelle kit and would also add a corrected engine and exhaust, a corrected overhead sight for the British birds AND a Vivian sight/designator and HOT missiles for the French birds.  Really wish I had the skills to be able to do produce correction/up-grade sets for a bunch of 1/72nd helicopters (and aircraft too!).  Sadly, my skills are waning as Father Time adds more sand to the "older" scale of my life!






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French 3 tones camo colors are not RAL or FS, but from GAMC/Normdef french referential.

So they are not the same as "NATO green or brown". For the black we can assume it is the same.

So when AK repacks "Nato green and brown" for french colors, we have wrong colors for french vehicles.


Hataka seems to be more documented as they used french colors designations.


But, we can see in this comparative test between AK and HATAKA that none of these set are very accurate:



The brown seems better with AK, with its little tone of red brown.

The Hataka brown seems too faded.


The AK green is totally off, or for a very weathered and faded paint.

The Hataka green is quite good, while being too much bright for scale.


So at the end, the modeler used mix of Gunze and Tamiya paint.  :)








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Thanks again, my friends.


Seems like a never-ending quest and one that I'll again be eye-balling the colors to get what I need, just like with the Mirage 2000C, Super Frelon, Super Etendard, Lynx, Mirage F.1CT, and Mirage IV colors.  Every source shows a different set of colors!  I suspect I may have to contact Madame Ludmann for more answers!


Allez, my French cousins!  Where is the paint company that can produce the CORRECT French colors so I can finish my French models a die in peace?





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