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MiG-29 'Red 04' photos

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So I recently received the Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-29 9-12 Fulcrum as a Christmas gift and started the fun job of doing some research on potential subjects.  While I've been considering the standard scheme or a German Luftwaffe camouflage.  I stumbled across this photo of 'Red 04' (link below), but sadly I haven't been able to find any additional photos on Airliners.net or any other sites.  Does anyone have any more photos of this place, especially the camouflage of the right side/top?




Thanks so much!



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Afraid I can't offer much help other than suggesting you try searching for other photos from the base location and timeframe indicated in the caption data on the airliners photo you linked. Looking for "red 04" is less likely to turn up useful results than "mig-29 [base name]." Using the Russian type designation (9-12) and/or trying the Cyrillic transliteration for "MiG" may also yield something helpful.


Assuming that a full walkaround isn't likely, you can also make some reasonable extrapolations on the colors, pattern, and weathering from similar aircraft with the same unit in the same timeframe.  With a greater margin for error, any Fulcrum with a similar basic scheme can give you a basis for reasonable speculation.  


In general Soviet-era aircraft would have followed a set camouflage pattern for each production block, so any early Fulcrum (distinguished by the ventral fins visible below the vertical tail) with a similar pattern of darker gray on the tail and around the forward fuselage would most likely be in the same scheme as your target subject.

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