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Welcom to the Rules

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Welcome to the Shelf Queens Part II Group Build where we will try to get a few of those old models finally built.


Thanks to Corsairman's successful Shelf Queens GB we will be continuing with the same rules.


This is a wide open GB - any model, any level of completion. Boats, Cars, Tanks.... it doesn't matter. Its all good.

The only "rules" are:

1) the model was started over a year ago

2) the model has not been worked on in at least 6 months

Other than that??? Nada

Please fill in the "Presenting The Queens" thread with the following information:

Model (as much detail as possible, some shots of the current state of completion would be great)

Year/Month started

What is left to do

Why the project stalled

Welcome again and lets get these Queens off the shelf!

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I have a model that a friend gave to me. He started it years ago and then it stalled and sit on his bench for years. He´s no "real" modeller, since he just bought this single kit and all stuff he needs (paints, brushes, glue) and wants me to finish it. Would this qualify as a shelf-queen?




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