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I'll be in with Monogram's 1/72 F-105G. This airframe apparently has three MiG kills as an F-105F before conversion to Wild Weasel duties. I'll be doing the markings this aircraft currently wears on display at the Air Force Museum, and represents the aircraft as it appeared with the 561st TFS at Korat, 1972-73.


 From the Air Force Museum's fact sheet:

The Thunderchief on display began operational service in 1964 as a standard F-105F. In 1967 it joined the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing in Thailand, where it flew combat missions for nearly three years. During this time, it became one of a select few USAF aircraft to claim three MiG kills. In 1970 it was fitted with electronic counter-measure equipment and joined the 388th TFW for "Wild Weasel" duty, attacking enemy surface-to-air missile sites. 

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Hi there, 

I don''t want to spoil the party, as I think your choice is fine, but it seems that 8320 never scored a single confirmed kill.


Huntley/Stearman's on 12/19/1972 remains unconfirmed, despite guncam showing the MiG in flame and loosing bits.

Another star refer to Dalton/Graham kill on the same mission, but they were flying 8329.

And the last is related to an emergency  jettisoning of bombs & tanks that might have downed a pursuing MiG...


There's at least one F-105 that scored three confirmed  gun kill, 62-4284 , an F-105D.


I wish you a happy new year, and really look forward to your build, as I think if only for Huntley/Stearman's unconfirmed, it deserved to be part of this GB.

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Maybe the video doesn't show the MiG crash or explode.

And they may not have a confirmation by other means.


There are other case like this, the one coming immediately to mind being Kilgus, for what should be the very first MiG kill of the war.

He gunned a MiG in a dive and hit it just as he entered low clouds at less than 3000ft IIRC. Kilgus pulled up just in time, and the MiG must have gone in the drink, 99% chances for it.

Yet the kill was never confirmed, and this despite the Vietnamese themselves acknoledged the loss of THREE -17, and there were no other USAF, or USN claims that day!

Makes you wonder!

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On ‎1‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 1:23 AM, airmechaja said:

Cockpit looks good. You might beat Phantom.............till he reads this and hits afterburner. :cheers:

Phantom is a model building Demigod, you would need the plastic scraper of Hercules and the glue of Zeus to beat him...lol!

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I did not apply clear, as I have not found it to make a difference in the past. There is silvering, much to my consternation...in hindsight, I wish I had rubbed the paint down with an old t-shirt to smooth it out a bit more. 

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I've been finishing up another build so I haven't updated this in awhile. That said, I got her up on her feet! However, I took a step back with a bit of a heavy-handed approach to the dullcoat. I'll need to fix that.




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