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Bandai 1/48 AT-ST "What If"

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The superb Bandai 1/48 AT-ST finished as a "what if" for something a little different.


"Uncle Joe's Chicken Walker"


Bandai Star Wars kits are superb to build, entirely snap-tight construction if you wish as well. There is only a couple of parts that I needed to use Tamiya quick dry cement on.


Painted using Vallejo and washed with very careful application of Mig Productions Dark wash cut heavily with Zippo lighter fluid. Bandai plastic has a propensity to disintegrate around joints when exposed to mineral spirit based washes. It appears my long time use of lighter fluid for washes is the preferred method for Bandai Gundam model builders.


Images taken on my Samsung s7e smartphone.











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That's pretty darn cool Mike! I really like that and I am not a fan of that design much. Its amazing what a good paint job will do to a rather meh subject.

I almost bought an AT-AT the other day with the aim of doing one as a WHIF. There's been a couple of good alternative paint schemes doing the rounds and this is another good one

Well done

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