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Rex, the accidental CAG

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Has  anyone heard from or about Rex?  He has not been on these forums since November 3rd, and I have not seen him elsewhere either.  I have tried PM'ing him, but no response.  There have been a lot of topics to which I would have expected him to respond and, obviously, he has not.  I miss his input, and I am getting worried.  Hope someone knows something.





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Thanks for asking, Tom.


I just now found the note with my log-in info for ARC.


I am using Anne's laptop, which is a cludgy way of doing things, since I can't check my emails without messing her's up. (for one thing)


I lost the desk PC a while ago, got a laptop, then had that one die too.


needless to say, I am not doing a whole lot online these days,,,,,,,,once I get yet another computer, I will be back to chatting with y'all

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