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Hajo L.

MQ-9 Reaper in 1:100 by Skunkmodels

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I´d like to present you a rather unusual modelling subject for me, since I don´t do 1/100 - usually. But since this was the prize of an ARC prize raffle I just took my chances and built this nice little Reaper...


The kit comes with two models and each of them can be assembled within a couple of hours. I only modified the gear so that it´s retracted, since I wanted to make it "fly" beneath a ceiling.




The happy "customer" for my little drone is collegue P., who was willing to hang it in his office.






But P. wouldn´t be P., if he didn´t had an idea, or request...: "Hajo, that thing´s got Hellfire mounted..."




"...wouldn´t it be cool if the Reaper would ,fire' one of those...?"





Ok, at home I put one of the Hellfires on a long piece of clear styrene, added cotton for the smoke, done!


"Missile away!!"






P. says, he´s got to grin every time he enters his office - well, fun at work, my job here is done! :)



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That. Is. AWESOME! I can imagine a visitor to P.'s office looking up and seeing a Reaper in the distance! Brilliant work! And the Hellfire is an inspired touch.

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