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AH-1Z Viper 1/48 Kittyhawk models

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Hi, All

Let me introduce my last helicopter model finished. Mostly OOB, little modifications on tail rotor, main rotor (blades' tips, folding devices), gun 'gearbox' etc.

Gun barrels from Master.


25627814368_787eab5945_z_d.jpg 25627814288_4cc1138e03_z_d.jpg 39467862552_ae2c171e22_z_d.jpg 25627814588_62d7404168_z_d.jpg 24630699887_140b331d7e_z_d.jpg 38789375994_b1a4441750_z_d.jpg 25627814018_228f06dc6f_z_d.jpg 38789375754_bc7a31004d_z_d.jpg 39467861372_298884f817_z_d.jpg 38789375454_24442b6baf_z_d.jpg 38789375164_24442b6baf_z_d.jpg 38789375074_da03730e03_z_d.jpg 38789374884_f1fda411e6_z_d.jpg 24630698147_5aa626feaf_z_d.jpg 39498043061_7656256b6f_z_d.jpg 38789379694_4b43ce4bd5_z_d.jpg 


Thanks for watching!

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