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FW-190A8 Squadron Emblem Decal?

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I'm going to be doing a Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190A8 'Black 12' most of the markings I can find masks for, but I've been looking for a while without luck for a decal that goes on the cowling in 1/32 that looks like a light blue shield with a black and white knight's helmet on it.  Does anyone know where to get one, i.e. a specific decal sheet or have an extra they'd be willing to part with?  Shoot me a PM with a response.





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The emblem to which you refer was that of the JG 4, and if choosing a black number, your machine would have belonged to the 6.(Sturm)/JG 4.


Kagero includes this emblem in their no.15035 "FW 190s Over Europe, Part 1" decal/booklet, where it is used on Michalski's WNr.960542.


It seems the background color on the shield varied, as quite-recent 'aircraft archaeology' in the Czech Republic has unearthed a FW 190A-8 cowl piece (in remarkably good condition) that clearly shows the background of the emblem in red (which is logical for the second Staffel in a Gruppe, in this case, your 6./JG 4).  This piece is now the Museum of the Air Battle Over the Ore Mountains, in Kovarska.  (This museum commemorates the midday air battle of 11.Sept. 1944)


I do not have an online photo-hosting service, but would be happy to email the color images of this cowl piece to you.


Good luck with your build, GRM


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