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First for 2018. Woohoo!


Enjoyable build. Joining the front and back fuselage halves together was a little troublesome but I whipped it into submission and I prevailed. The wingtip missile rails do cant down a bit but I think they got a little carried away and I didn't really notice it until I saw the pictures. I have a couple more of these in my stash and later on, I'll do one up in some kind of operational scheme.


My Dad worked on the F-20 during his career with Northrop. Once I was visiting my folks while on leave and Dad had me put on my uniform and come down to the Hawthorne plant with him. After spending a bit of time in his office he then took us out onto the hangar floor. We walk up to a station and there's this barely recognizable form of an airframe. It's just bulkheads and ribs with wires hanging out all over the place. I can't begin to tell you how lucky I am to have seen the No.1 F-20 just starting to be assembled. Three copies of the plane were produced and unfortunately, two were lost. Dad was part of the accident investigation team and was the lead investigator on the Korean mishap.










Family portrait.







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