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Does anyone have a link to the specific steps to take to modify the wing box support to get the correct wing droop for a plane on the ground?    I've done some searches but haven't come up with the exact cut location/stock removal for the droop.  Any help, hopefully with photos, would be greatly appreciated........TIA

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At one point somebody offered a resin wing box with the cuts already made, sorry can't remember who.  IIRC, there was an issue of Fine Scale Modeler that had a build with diagrams on how to alter the kit item.




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I do not remember wher I read we have to cut the upper wing every 5cm to get the correct curve and not just around the wing box. So far I have built a -H stright from the box butfor the -G I will try the multiple cuts.



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Its a shame the kid who made Golden dragon, Super bug, BUFF master etc etc parts doesnt really make them any more, he had a one stop fix for the wing box. Ive got a few of them myself, only dry fit tested them but they do look like they work.


Ive got a scan from a magazine published a few years ago that I think tells how to do it...

I was going to say I can try and fish it out but I quick search of my computer found it (Win10 search is quite nice, we come a long way baby!)


Yeah its just a 5 page, 5Mb per page article on how to modernise the kit. It does show the wing box...


Ive got no mould making compound left, otherwise I would cast a copy of the wing box Ive got... Basically its a solid flattened out version of whats in the kit.


I cant email the sheets over if you like. FSM article was from 16 years ago... I dont suppose they would mind. If they do who cares, nothing ever actually happened anyway ;)

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