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Hajo L.

A-10A Thunderbolt in 1/48 by Revell.

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Ok, this is my entry:


A 1/48 A-10A Thunderbolt by Revell, a kit with raised panel-lines, but overall very nice detail.

I have no idea when it was started, because I got a it from a collegue who bought the kit, tool, glue, paints and brushes to build it. Somewhen it stalled, shortly before completion, as you can see...:






I will remove the gear to make it "fly", fill up all the gaps and sand down the mis-alignments, improve the cockpit, paint the pilot and re-paint the whole Hog in the three-tone-lizzard-scheme.


This a next step of my ultimate goal to have every office of my workplace filled with at least one of my models. So far I had four offices (mine, a former office of me, collegue named P., collegue named L.) that show my models, this one will go back to collegue A. who gave it to me.


First thing to do was a good wash of the Warthog, to get it clean from all the dust that had settled during the years:




The cockpit had received some good, basic work by A., but I doubt that he really is a certified Air and Space Engineer ;) ... Way too much had gone wrong during his build. 


I gave the cockpit some wash, a darker color and painted the instruments with a light silver wash and after some drybrushing with white it looks like this:




Nasty gaps at the wing roots...:




I´m quite happy with the pilot figure (of cours I did it ;) ):







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After sanding down a couple of unclean things, filling a gap here and there and lowering the seat so that the canopy would fit I started painting:




First coat was a mix of Revell 65, lightened up with some yellow and other mixtures... ;)


The second green was pure dark green 39 by Revell, and the last color a mix of black and dark green.




The pilot has also been seated in his work-place:






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Decals went on:




The weapons I will use from the kit: Unfortunately the double-rail-launcher for Sidewinders and the missiles itself are not part of the kit.




Preparing some special effects...: ;)






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You are right, really strange!


Anyway, I met the original owner of the Warthog and we both put it on strings and "launched" it in his office. This is the view everyone entering his office will see now:




The Maverick-launch-effect comes nice!




Sharing the love... ;)






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