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Black Dog 1/48 HH-60J interior problems

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Anyone experience a misalignment/shrinkage problem with the Black Dog 1/48 HH-60J resin interior set? I have three sets and all three sets have the same problem.


This image shows the cockpit door is too small if you want it closed. You can only have the door in an opened position. The casting block was on the bottom of the door so the side was not cut too short by me.



Next set of images show that if you align the notch in the Black Dog floor to the alignment pin on the Italeri fuselage, the front part of the cockpit fits flush into the nose but the port side wall doesn't line up with the window cutouts on the Italeri fuselage. According to the Black Dog instructions, the front of the wall should fit flush with the cockpit floor.







If you slide the Black Dog wall back to align with the Italeri fuselage window cutouts and leave the Black Dog floor in place then there is a gap between the front of the wall and the cockpit floor and then the back wall won't fit in the slots provided.




If you slide the Black Dog floor and side wall together back to align with the Italeri cutouts, the front cockpit nose section is now misaligned.




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I thought of that but it isn't that simple. The starboard side wall also has the same problems but the misalignment is not the same distance as on the port side. The back wall will be skewed.


Here is the starboard side. If the nose of the cockpit floor is aligned with the Italeri fuselage, the front edge of the Black Dog wall doesn't align with the edge of the cabin door. If I slide the wall back to align with the edge of the cabin door, the back edge of the wall doesn't align with the cabin door.



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As I have some long term experience with making masters and casting, I don't think the problem is generated by molding but by error in making the master. Those radical differences are not consistent with mold creep. Molds do change a bit over time, but the usual result is seen as a reduction in thickness of the parts. Since you say you have three sets with the same problem, it indicates the flaw is consistent.


Chris M

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12 minutes ago, andrew.deboer said:

Despite its flaws, this set is what I want. Where is it available in the US? 

A friend got the set for me but they are available from Black Dog and or ebay as Crash Test said.


I am modifying mine from an HH-60J interior to an HH-60H interior. Very little difference between the two but a few slight changes need to be made. I cut a couple parts off the back wall and the two carousel parts molded on the back floor for the two rear seats and that is basically all you need to do to get an HH-60H interior.

Here is what I did so far to fix the misaligned parts. This first photo shows the white plastic strips I added to fill the gap when I slid the port side wall back to align with the cabin windows.



Here you can see the port side wall is now aligned with the cabin window cutouts.



Here is how the wall fits with the gap filled.



The starboard side wall was also slid back to align with the edge of the cabin door. I had to cut the thinner starboard side wall off the ceiling to have it align with the edge of the cabin door which moved the thinner side wall further from the back wall so a sizeable gap needs to be filled now. You can't push the back wall to meet the starboard side wall because when the port side wall was pushed back it also pushed the rear wall further back. Either way, you will still need to push the rear wall back as the rear seat will sit too far forward sticking past the cabin door. From photos I have seen, the rear seats are not sticking out past the cabin door. They should be further back and not seen if the door is open if looking straight on.



This photo shows rear wall in original position and you can see the seat sticking out past the cabin door.



Here you can see the the rear wall pushed back and the seat is now in the correct position but you need to fill in the gap between the side wall and rear wall.




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Wow thanks for the good review with the set actually being fitted. I have seen the set on line but it mostly shots of the box top with pieces. Good to know how it fits or doesn't in this case.


I wonder if it was made for a different kit? Say Academy series? Oh wait a minute Academy does not have an HH-60 series. Well I am stumped.



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On 3/20/2018 at 3:54 AM, Silenoz said:

Good luck sanding and filling... ever tried to compare the position of the openings to drawings? Just in case the Italeri dimensions are completely off...

Well, I got the set and it’s certainly a good heap of parts. I am not looking forward to the cleanup phase...


My plan is to make the Black Dog parts fit into the Italeri fuselage and enjoy myself. Comparing to drawings and making corrections would only increase the complexity of the task and decrease my happiness, and in the end even a Jayhawk crew member wouldn’t care.


Looking at the etch parts for the basket, I may use them as a pattern for making a basket out of round brass rod. 

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