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How to remove dried Acrylic paint on Sable paint brush?

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I use Sable paint brushes to apply MM Acryl paint. The brushes are starting to get dried paint build-up close to the ferrule.

I have tried cleaning the dried paint with:


MM Enamel brush cleaner. - Nothing.

MM Acryl thinner/cleaner. - Nothing.

Lacquer thinner. - Nothing.

Windex. - Nothing.

Soap and water. - Nothing.


Other than the dried paint, the bristles are in good shape.


Is there any type of cleaner that will remove the dried paint on the brush, and NOT harm the Sable bristles?






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Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it!


I will look into both of them, since they are basically the same and do the same cleaning.


I don't have any AB cleaner, but I don't think it would do the job.




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