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Eugeny Knupfer

New from Small Stuff - 1/72 Pratt & Whitney Wasp/Hornet engines

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New 1/72 Pratt & Whitney engines are available for ordering: 

1/72 Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp


103 parts. Can be built as early production, late  production or geared version. 


39698629842_b6e2c40b04.jpg 39698630352_4ef67a46b4.jpg 

39698629612_b10fdbb96d.jpg 39698630092_ccbd336ca7.jpg 


39729866141_7153c0751e_m.jpg39729865091_2122af5e79_m.jpg  39698626912_396751e17b_m.jpg 39698626402_e95f4cd041_m.jpg 


39698628602_768649110b_m.jpg 39020616354_6a5a4475ba_m.jpg 39698629442_7fa39ddaa6_m.jpg39698629092_1b43ffa5cc_m.jpg 




38831724155_6f1bbd1ae5_m.jpg 39020842024_db0492c3de_m.jpg    



1/72 Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior


99 parts. 



39729871031_2e409d1df7.jpg 39698631962_117716c8ac.jpg 


39729865511_66b4605897_m.jpg  39698626912_396751e17b_m.jpg 39729864291_86c1ef78e8_m.jpg39698628532_308a8bfc45_m.jpg 


39020616354_6a5a4475ba_m.jpg 39698629442_7fa39ddaa6_m.jpg39698629092_1b43ffa5cc_m.jpg 39020615994_194685b1be_m.jpg  


39698628232_d7d4351f48_m.jpg39698627922_3fa6046c32_m.jpg  39020614244_73fc180d64_m.jpg 27951170569_75157b77f1_m.jpg 38831734435_13dee6b749_m.jpg 



1/72 Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet / BMW 132 (early production)


61 parts. 





 39698627192_a2dccea2ae_m.jpg 39698626912_396751e17b_m.jpg 39729862911_ed2315f60e_m.jpg39698628802_1f539f2e29_m.jpg  


39729867291_4b86934d7e_m.jpg 39698627692_8acd2d401b_m.jpg 39020614244_73fc180d64_m.jpg24860742747_ea091fabb6_m.jpg 

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WOW! I love the resin tweezers. I'd need a resin optivisor too! Those are way beyond my scope but I wish you success!

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103 pieces for a 1/72 scale engine?  I admire their effort and dedication, but I'll pass.




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