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Best paint storage racks

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I'm tempted by Flory Models new acrylic racks, but the price coupled with the fact that I would have to locally find a suitable acrylic glue is stopping me. There must be alternatives out there but most seem to be flimsy items with not very good reviews. 


Have any of you guys got any experience based suggestions? 





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The bottom row are six Hot Wheels storage boxes. The top boxes are Flambeau storage boxes, intended for fishing tackle or craft item storage.


The Hot Wheels boxes hold 48 bottles of Model Master or 1 oz Polly Scale paints. the Flambeau hold 40 bottles, once you leave out the movable dividers.

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I got a Hobbyzone small for Christmas, I like it and super quick to assemble.    Course the rest of my storage is all homebrew stuff like utensil inserts laid on its side among others.  Freed up a bunch of space when I chucked all that crapola Model Master paint

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