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Not a kit, but an amazing and weird replica - Niva!

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My love of the odd and eclectic doesn’t just confine itself to building loser cars and weird airplanes. No, it goes much further than that, and is increasingly finding an outlet in terms of die cast replicas. Now, I know that there are all kinds of impressive large-scale cars out there, but not only are they big, they’re also expensive and rarely weird.


No, I’m more into things like Hot Wheels J2000s and Yatming Vegas to bother with the normal stuff. One thing, I’ve found, though, is that the Russians make darned good, almost impeccably good, 1/43 die cast cars. These are right on part with Franklin Mint issues, with good interiors, engines and chassis, as well as lots of opening doors. One of the most deluxe I’ve found is actually a car most of us will recognize: the much loved/maligned NIVA!


I picked this up a while ago at a toy show, and couldn’t resist. While it’s not a model you build, it’s certainly as well detailed as many 1/32 or even 1/25 cars (depending on the kit). Check it out, and then tell me you’re not impressed!





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