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Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

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Hello all,


After a very long while I re-started building seriously (as in "spending more time", not "professional quality" ;) )


Here are a couple of shots of my recently completed Merkava mk1 hybrid (Takom 1/35) with crew (Walkyrie 1980's IDF crew). Beautiful kit, fastest build ever for me (about 2 weeks end to finish). WIP can be found here


Main adds to the kit, again not much as it's a great kit:

  • Antiskid done with diluted PVA glue spread with a brush and covered with embossing powder
  • Basket contents from various sets (Tamiya, Legend and Plus Model I believe, they have been out of their original boxes for a long time)
  • Tarp and ID panels done in white milliput
  • Rear hull baskets completed with aluminium strips














Comments welcome, always nice to have help and improve next time ;)



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