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Nascar blowout deal with more added

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Hi, I'm thinning. I have a few boxes with nascar and other car stuff I'm blowing out. I'm drastiacally downsizing, there are at least 2 kits with sprues from leftovers as well as a complete Monte Carlo Readt to go Chassis, plus an arca car and a  complete midget racer. its a modgepodge of good stuff. you can build 2 cars out of the nascar parts, )Pontiac Gran prix  and Lumna and rebody the monte carlo chassis plus ill throw in some etch and resin  and whatever else I have related to race cars.  ( $20 Bucks )  for it all plus you pay the shipping!  email me at  ( whsch@optimum.net) Thanks in advance!

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Email inbound.  Thanks!


Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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